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Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels

Have you been struggling with your blood sugar levels?

This book will give you all the information you need to finally stabilize it in 7 days!


  • Are you a male or a female from 30-65 who has symptoms of diabetes?
  • Are you struggling with stabilizing your blood sugar levels and they are constantly “yoyoing” for seemingly no reason.
  • You don’t want to keep taking medications and drugs?
  • Are you trying to find a partner and don’t feel at your best?
  • Are you trying to lose weight, become more attractive, and increase your self-esteem?
  • Frustrated with not getting any real permanent solutions to your health issue?
  • Are you committed to finding a solution for your health issue, and keep trolling the internet and forums desperately looking for a clue?
  • Are you sick and tired that you don’t feel at your best?
  • Do you look at books that are so daunting to read with a huge number of pages to figure out what the cause of your health issue may be?
  • Are you sick of the stupid comments and dead-end solutions on websites and blogs?
  • Are the “gurus” charging you an arm and a leg for treatments, supplements, with an array of strange products, to find out that it’s not an actual solution to your problem anyway?
  • If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then, that's right, this book is meant for you.

Blood Sugar Mastery Course

ALL Your Questions Answered

Finally get real constructive information on how to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels with a Step by Step Course explaining the "How To" achieve real health.

Do you have:

  • Sugar Cravings
  • Prediabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Diabetes?

Then this course is a must.

Not only is your health compromised, but your driver's license and lifestyle are at risk!

  1. 5 to 6 hours worth of training from qualified Biochemist, Naturopath and Nutritionist.
  2. Short interesting 10 to 15 minute videos. With lots of visual explanations and "to the point" lessons - with quizzes at the end to recap the important points.
  3. Certificate on completion

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Start Your New Life TODAY!


  • DOWNLOAD some exciting FREE RECIPES
  • Get your Checklist for a 30 DAY Challenge
  • Blank Page for keeping track

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30 Day Health Challenge

It doesn't have to be hard work!

You can enjoy getting healthy and trim with this straightforward 30 DAY Challenge. It can be relaxing and enjoyable. No "stomach crunches necessary"!

Cut through confusion and Protect Your Health!

Do you feel confused and frustrated by your health?

Have you had your chronic disease for years and it's still not resolved? 

Well you are not alone.  

Below are books which contain the truth of what causes disease and how to reverse it.

This information can change your life!

Science Doctor Explains

Book 1 : Is the Science Fact or Fake?

Solutions For Your Chronic Disease and Health Conditions -
the Truth Exposed!

Book 2: Water For Life

…Relieve Pain and Reverse Disease!

Book 3: Food For Fuel

to Living and Eating
- with endless youthful energy and vitality!


  • Do you feel that Science and Medicine provides you with more questions than answers? And wondered what's fact or fake?

  • Have you felt frustrated with your chronic disease or health conditions - with no real solution?

  • Learn the secrets of what causes disease, and how to reverse it, and have good health for all of your life!

Now you can have good health and wellness with assistance from this book as your “user manual” - based on scientific principles of healing.

This is information that your doctor would want you to know!

Uncover the truth of the body, mind and spirit connection and experience real health and wellness.

  • This book gives you the power to understand health based on understanding energy and how it relates to the mind and body.
  • Discover the "Big Picture" approach to health and wellness.

You will love this series of books!
Book One sets the basic understanding and groundwork on which the other books
are founded.
-  Glossy pictures.
-  1000 images in all 3 books.
-  Easy to understand.

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Book 2

“Water is your life”, once you understand this and some other secrets about water, you will be shocked at how you can reverse virtually all disease that’s affecting you very simply!  Everyone keeps saying that you have to drink more water, but they never tell you why.  Now: 

  • Discover the secret healing power of water.
  • Learn how water affects every single part of your body, and how it’s related to every disease and painful condition in your body! 

There is real hope for reversing your disease. 

  • Find out how 99% of people are literally sick because of being dehydrated, and how it’s probably
    affecting you too!  
  • Now you’ll learn how to choose the right water filtration system for you and your family. 
  • Learn the mystery of unlimited pure and healing water. 
  • Discover the “Water drinking method” - a “new strategy” for drinking water that will give you greater hydration levels and potentially reverse all your diseases and health conditions.

Some say it’s better than “Water fasting”. 

- Since water is the most important substance in the body, discover how it impacts your energy levels, your mind and concentration, digestive system, and every aspect of well-being. 

Building on the Healing principles in the previous book, this book looks at how to get the best outcome through understanding the therapeutic healing power of water. 

  • Water has incredible “mystical and magical” powers. It has mystified all cultures and civilizations throughout history.  Access to water will either make or break cities and towns. We’re going to investigate the role of water in relation to disease. 

I’ll let you in on a secret…“Water holds the keys to life. 
You can stop being sick and get well again!” 

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Book 3

Discover how to get more energy from your food.  “Food For Fuel”
exposes the “food chemistry” that has been hidden – it is revealed in this book.  

  • You can achieve unlimited energy when you know how. 

  •  Learn how you can prevent and even reverse disease.  

  • So many people are confused with all the contradictory information about what to eat.

  • The misinformation around “Keto” and “Vegan diets” is revealed. 

  • Is the real science hidden as to which foods are making you sick? 

  • Find out how the body works and how to improve your health and break the cycle of food addiction. 

Food is either your medicine that can heal you, or it can be your poison and create all types of disease. 
*  Uncover the secrets to what foods cause obesity? 
*  What is the right food to eat? 
*  Discover which foods are related to diseases like: 
-   cancer,
-   diabetes, 
-   heart disease, 
-   and more… 
Learn about food groups and how to combine foods properly.  Do you want to minimize the effects of indigestion, gas, bloating and gastric reflux? Find out how.  

  • Are you always on a diet and trying to lose weight, but never look or feel the way you want to? 

  • Learn about real nutrition to finally look and feel great.

  • This book includes food recipes and recommendations for food plans and food journals. Now you can choose to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted. 

Finally get the answers you’ve wanted to know about how to eat to be happy and be well!  

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Teach your kids how to live well!

Knowledge equals Power

With so many contradictions in medicine and science, finally
you can get real knowledge of how your body works in these books.

- Simply explained.- Glossy pictures. - 1000 images in all 3 books. - Easy to understand.

Future for kids

Teach your kids how to be well and set them up for a great

Unfortunately fear and propaganda are affecting their mental and emotional
state. You can change this when you understand the "real
science".  This gives them hope for a brighter world.  Learn more...

Change the world

When you are well,

then you become:

- happy

- unstoppable, 

- an example to others.

Science Doctor Explains presents:

As a University trained Biochemist and a Naturopath, I have consulted for many years for several medical and diagnostic companies and dealt with some of the top doctors and pathologists in the major hospitals around Australia. I have been involved in the health industry for over 20 years
and have been very fortunate to experience a wide variety of aspects of science.

I learnt how to live by working out my own physical adversities. 
Then when working as a practitioner, I have had the honour of having many
amazing clients.  These experiences gave me insights to build on my scientific background a real understanding of how the body works. More importantly you will now have real solutions to reversing disease. When you understand “WHY” and “HOW” you then have the secret pieces of the puzzle to real wellbeing! These secrets are revealed through the books and information given.