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“Water is your life”, once you understand this and some other secrets about water, you will be shocked at how you can reverse virtually all disease that’s affecting you very simply!  Everyone keeps saying that you have to drink more water, but they never tell you why.  Now: 
- Discover the secret healing power of water.
-  Learn how water affects every single part of your body, and how it’s related to every disease
and painful condition in your body
!  There is real hope for reversing your disease. 
- Find out how 99% of people are literally sick because of being dehydrated, and how it’s probably
affecting you too!  
- Now you’ll learn how to choose the right water filtration system for you and your family. 
- Learn the mystery of unlimited pure and healing water
- Discover the “Water drinking method” - a “newstrategy” for drinking water that will give you
greater hydration levels and potentially reverse all your diseases and health conditions. Some say it’s better than “Water fasting”. 
- Since water is the most important substance in the body, discover how it impacts your energy levels, your mind and concentration, digestive system, and every aspect of well-being. 

Building on the Healing principles in the previous book, this book looks at how to get the best outcome through understanding the therapeutic healing power of water.  Water has incredible “mystical and magical” powers. It has mystified all cultures and civilizations throughout history.  Access to water will either make or break cities and towns. We’re going to investigate the role of water in relation to disease.  I’ll let you in on a secret …“Water holds the keys to life. 
You can stop being sick and get well again!”


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